V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society
V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society April 3—5, 2016, Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

V4DIS already for the thirteenth time

4/13/2016, Česky Česky

Simultaneously with the national conference ISSS there was held also the traditional international conference V4DIS (Visegrad Four for Developing Information Society) already for the thirteenth year. Meeting of the public administration representatives from the Visegrad Four countries was again attended by a number of significant guests not only from the Visegrad region, but also from other European countries. The official auspices of the conference were traditionally granted by the Vice President of the Senate of the Parliament of CR Přemysl Sobotka. The event was as usual attended by tens of public administration representatives from the V4 countries and many local as well as foreign experts focusing on the issue of society informatization and public administration reform.

In the course of the gala opening of the conference V4DIS on Monday morning the executive director Tomáš Renčín remembered also the secretary-general of the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia Marián Minarovič who passed away on 4 March this year and who in the past two decades not only distinctively participated in e-government development in Slovakia, but for the whole time he also cooperated very closely on the concept of the conference ISSS/V4DIS. Opening of the V4DIS conference was actively shared by Libor Joukl, Deputy President of the Vysočina Region that is a traditional co-organizer of the international part of the conference, István Zachariaš, Vice President of the Košice Region and many other important persons from CR, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The opening was moderated by Jaroslav Šolc, councillor of the town part Prague 2.

Main topics of this year conference included the traditional evaluation of e-government development in the Visegrad countries as well as information on key projects, which started or finished in the past year. As usual the programme offered also presentation of projects concerning further development of cross-border cooperation, experience with modern technologies implementation in broad scope of areas connected with public administration and samples of best practices. Within the discussions there was quite frequently referred to the large project LDA-V4, which was discussed already during previous Visegrad sessions and which under the direction of the Vysočina Region and their partners from all V4 countries described thoroughly the state of development of public administration informatization in the whole region in the past years.

The main organizer of the V4DIS conference was Association Czech At, co-organizer was again and repeatedly the Vysočina Region and the event overall concept was significantly shared by the cities Hradec Králové and Prague. The programme V4DIS 2016 included besides the usual accompanying events of the conference ISSS also a traditional Sunday VIP evening in the Klicpera theatre, ceremonial award announcement of the international competition Eurocrest or awarding of the participants of the competition of young talents JuniorErb, who received memorial certificates of the Vice President of the Senate of Parliament of CR.