V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society
V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society April 7—9, 2013, Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Conference V4DIS already for the tenth time

1/15/2013, Prague, Česky Česky

In the days of 7–9 April 2013 there will be held already the tenth year of the conference V4DIS (Visegrad Four for Developing Information Society) in Hradec Králové. The conference of public administration representatives of Visegrad Four countries will traditionally accompany a renowned national event ISSS (Internet in State Administration and Municipal Governments) and as usual there can be expected participation of a number of significant guests not only from the Visegrad region, but also from other European countries. Attendance of a high representative of the European Commission looks very promising and there should be present also official coordinators of e-government (so called “digital champions”) of the V4 countries there. This year a significant part of the programme will include presentation of results of extensive Visegrad project LDA-V4 (Local Digital Agenda in the V4 countries), on which there cooperated, coordinated by the Vysočina Region, experts, representatives of public administration as well as associations and initiatives from all four central European countries.

The conference V4DIS is a traditional part of a long-term project, which was started in 2004 and which focuses on use of information and communication technologies in state administration and municipal governments of V4 countries, development of modern electronic services for citizens, exchange of experience and presentation of chosen projects. Similarly as in previous years the conference was also this year supported by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

The personal auspices of the V4DIS conference was similarly as in the previous years granted by Přemysl Sobotka, vice president of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, for whom cooperation and exchange of experience between neighbouring countries with similar economy, historical development as well as with a number of common problems really matters.

“As a politician I appreciate connecting the meeting in Hradec Králové with partners from Visegrad countries, which proves that interregional cooperation and exchange of experience also in wider context has deep sense and that is at the professional as well as parliamentary level,” remarked Přemysl Sobotka at the opening of last year conference.

The main topics of the conference will once again include the projects from the area of e-tourism, issues concerning further development of cross-border cooperation, experience from implementation of modern technologies in the wider scope of areas related to the public administration and examples of best practices. The programme will also include a ceremonious announcement of awards of the international competition Eurocrest or awarding of the participants of the competition of young talents JuniorErb (JuniorCrest).