V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society
V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society April 7—9, 2013, Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Local Digital Agenda in the V4 region

1/15/2013, Česky Česky

The project LDA-V4 (Local Digital Agenda in the V4 countries), which has been mapping the state of public administration in the Visegrad region for more than 18 months and whose main implementor is the Vysočina Region, is almost finished. The project results and consequent recommendation will be naturally presented within the programme of the conference ISSS/V4DIS 2013 in Hradec Králové.

Pieces of knowledge acquired in the course of cooperation of public administration bodies, associations and institutions from the Visegrad member countries – CR, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary – V4 were completed with discussions of partners and opinions of their representatives on a set of questions concerning ICT usage in the local and regional governments. The final evaluation focuses mainly on perception of the meaning of ICT in the context of other developing priorities and needs of municipal governments, on the priority topics from the area of informatization, achieved success, issues to be solved, implementation of strategic planning, relation of municipal governments and state, cooperation on the international scale or mechanisms of financing ICT projects.

The opinions were given by Zdeněk Ryšavý, councillor of the Vysočina Region for informatics (till October 2012), Dan Jiránek, chairman of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of CR, lord mayor of the statutory city of Kladno, Eva Vorlíčková, councillor for informatics of the capital Prague, Svatoslav Novák, president of ICT Unie, Marián Minarovič, secretary-general of the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia, István Zachariaš, lord mayor of Moldava nad Bodvou, Andrzej M. Janicki, president of the Alfa Omega Foundation and Barbara Szymańska, chief of informatics office of the city Gdańsk. Quotations of their opinions are presented in the introduction to the final publication, which is at anybody’s disposal on the web pages www.kr-vysocina.cz/LDA-V4, or at each project partner.

Issues concerning ICT and e-government in local and regional municipalities were also discussed by project partners at the conferences ISSS/V4DIS 2012, at the congress ITAPA in Bratislava and at other working meetings at the national level. Activities of the LDA-V4 project were also presented at the seminar attended by representatives of the European Commission and other EU regions in Brussels.