ISSS 2024 will be visited for the second time by a delegation from Transcarpathian Ukraine – now led by Roman Sarai

, Česky

Last year’s ISSS 2023 conference was visited by a delegation from Transcarpathian region led by Volodymyr Chubirko, who stepped down as chairman of the regional council at the end of September 2023 and Roman Sarai was elected in his place.

The delegation will also include Denys Kahanets, mayor of Dubove and chairman of the Dubove Territorial Assembly, Ruslan Yanchy, mayor of Bushyno and chairman of the Bushyno Territorial Assembly, and Inna Nosa, director of the “Association for European Development of the Carpathian Region”.

On behalf of the Czech delegation, the ISSS conference will be attended by Lubomír Smažík, Mayor of the South Bohemian municipality of Dražice, which is a partner town of the Ukrainian municipality of Dubove and is actively cooperating with the Transcarpathian region in the construction of modular houses for displaced persons in the town of Dubove.

Roman Sarai
Roman Sarai