V4DIS 2018—themes and guests

, Česky

This year V4DIS conference key themes will include state of e-government at the local level and its further development, “smart cities” and “smart regions” concepts or ICT utilization in promoting areas interesting from the touristic point of view—and all that mainly from the point of view of the V4 region. There will be also interesting speeches concerning further development of cross-border cooperation, using geoinformation or experience in modern technologies implementation in the wide spectrum of areas connected with public administration.

Number of guests from the V4 countries will take an active part in the conference programme—among very inspiring points of the programme there can be mentioned presentations such as: “Accessible Web or What we see—don’t see” (Nicole Removčíková, Prešov Region), “Location services for cross-border cooperation and e-Government applications” (Marcin Grudzień, Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii), “How we started to be SMART city—a few examples, simple steps towards smart solutions in the city Prešov” (Mariana Hurná, the city of Prešov) or other speeches included in the section on e-tourism in the V4 region such as “Promotion of cross-border programme Interreg V-A CR–Poland at the Internet” (Maciej Molak, Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic) or “Prague yesterday, today and how tomorrow in the tourist industry” (Petr Slepička, Prague City Tourism).

One of the members of the Slovak delegation there will be similarly as in the last year the Lord Mayor of the city Kěžmarok, Ján Ferenčák, as guests there will be also General Secretary of the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia Milan Galanda, deputies of Prešov Region and many others. In the project laboratory there will be also presented some of the successful participants in the competition ZlatyErb.sk (Golden Crest.sk).

Public administration of Poland will be represented at the conference for example by Monika Walczak of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Piotr Filipkowski of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, representatives of the municipality Radkow and others.